conic produce bag GP27

Overview of produce bags

Two bags, same bio material, one clear and the other semi opaque.

All semi opaque produce bags are on special at $0.02 each
($2.00 / 100) !

The clear GP27 back in stock!

New development makes it possible manufacturing produce bags from cornstarch material. Easier for composting, easier for the environment.
Also to note, clearness/transparency of the produce bags to be rated as follows:
– bioplastic material at 95% (left on top picture)
– semi opaque bioplastic material at 50% (right on top picture)
– cornstarch material at 85%
All bioplastic produce bags in bundles of 100.
The 3 small bioplastic bags GP0.5, GP4 and GP3 are replaced respectively by cornstarch bags SP0.5, SP1 and SP2, now in bundles of 200. The bioplastic GP5 still in stock.
To reduce costs, items may be repacked for the best shipment costs option. Please note the new order codes. Size bags are listed in previous page. Ordering any quantity is ok, preferably in lots of 100 for the bioplastic and in lots of 200 for the cornstarch produce bags.
The new clear cornstarch SP2  2kg (same size as the GP3) at  $0.124 each, 2500 pcs / crt and available in lots of 100.
The quality of the first badge of cornstarch bags, not holding up as expected, are now at half price. Only to be used for light duties.
SP1 clear 1kg  (same size previously GP4) $0.0465 each, 5000 pcs / crt
SP0.5 clear 0.5kg (same size previously GP5) $0.037 each, 8000 pcs / crt.
SP2 clear 2kg
Now there is a new stronger cornstarch SP2 in stock, in bundles of 100 at $12.40 /100.